• Charisma On Video Group Coaching Archive

    BONUS: These are tips and tricks I've taught students online to be more charismatic and confident on camera. Good for professionals training to do public speaking (especially on Zoom), business owners on YouTube, or Zoom call confidence.

  • Clear Speech Course

    BONUS: Included is the full Clear Speech Course which includes bonus videos for speech exercise. 


  • Verbal Fluency Workshop

    BONUS: Access to the replay of a 1 hour long live workshop on verbal fluency explaining A - Z exactly why and how to do exercises. Going over 7 different style of exercises to workout both verbal fluency and brain functioning.

  • 7 Verbal Fluency Exercise PDF

    BONUS: A go-to reference sheet of 7 verbal fluency exercises mentioned in the Verbal Fluency Workshop to x2 or x3 your fluency.

  • Clear Speech Daily Exercise MP3

    BONUS: The "No Excuse" clear speech mp3 audio that gives you 8 min. worth of "speak-a-long" short tongue twisters to warm up your vocal muscles for the day.

  • Voice Training Exercise Library

    BONUS: Library of facial and vocal exercises to refer back to both in the original Clear Speech Course and new exercises targeting specific issues.



Susan Goebel

"She is vivacious online, caring and passionate to their learning and engagement needs while maintaining the integrity of the community for the safety of the students.


Not an easy task."

Product Owner

Ludovic Larry

"Great course! I'm just starting Tina's course and as a non-native English speaker, I need some help to speak better in public show more self-confidence in my speeches, improve my body language, and engage my audience...

I also appreciate the high quality videos."

Mortgage Sales

Josh Merril

“Tina thank you for the zoom consultation. The exercises and tongue twisters you recommended have made a huge difference.


You're awesome and making a difference in a lot of people's lives.”

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