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Testimonials will get better.


It trains your brain to think spontaniously.



6 weeks later I'm approaching 40.


Mortgage Sales

Josh Merril

“Tina thank you for the zoom consultation. The exercises and tongue twisters you recommended have made a huge difference.


You're awesome and making a difference in a lot of people's lives.”

Community Monetization Expert

Vikas Kapil

"Working with Tina has been the most transformational experience of my life

It's been an absolute honor to work with Tina in the past year and to have been coached and trained by her personally."

Communication YouTuber 150k subs

Dan O'Connor

"You are my new favorite channel Tina! You have a magnetic authenticity when you deliver your valuable content.


Love love love."

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Jan Kowalsky

"Tina has a natural ability to lead and motivate! Her confidence and charisma allows her to easily capture an audience. She facilitates engaging conversation and her caring nature shines through."


Susan Goebel

"She is vivacious online, caring and passionate to their learning and engagement needs while maintaining the integrity of the community for the safety of the students.


Not an easy task."

Product Owner

Ludovic Larry

"I did 13 [FAS score] when I first started... Signed up for verbal webinar and 6 weeks later I'm approaching 40."

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