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The Most Powerful Virtual Workshop On Verbal Fluency!
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If you want to deep dive into verbal fluency, speak confidently, or you're just plain CURIOUS about learning for an hour and accessing the virtual group workshop recording, join us!

  • Here's What You'll Learn:

  • 3 Tests To Determine Your Verbal Fluency "TYPE"
    *Verbal Fluency = How quickly you can think of the "right" word and say it. Testing your brain and verbal functions.

    There are different types of verbal fluency: phonemic, semantic, and semantic variation. During our quick and fun test in the workshop, you'll have a deeper understanding of what type and level you are at with each, to help you determine which exercise will get you to your results FASTER.

  • 2x Your Word Retrieval Rate

  • 7 Verbal Fluency Exercises (FAS, Semantic, And MORE)

    We'll go over the 7 different SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN ways to increase your verbal fluency score. My clients with this method have gone from as low as 12 to as high as 40 in the span of 6 weeks. The test we do in the beginning will help determine which exercise will serve you best!

  • 3 Covert Methods To Increase Verbal Fluency



...you will get better.


It trains your brain to think spontaniously.



6 weeks later I'm approaching 40.


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Lady Tina Leder

For the past 3 years Tina Leder AKA Lady Tina, has been helping hundreds of people like you speak with authentic confidence in boardrooms, investor pitches, and on-camera work. In all her experience being on the cutting edge of the public speaking industry, she has never seen anything quite like what we’re seeing right now:

An unprecedented demand for high level communication skills only you can provide! This is an opportunity for the corporate professionals and entrepreneurs who are willing to step up and lead the new era of the online and offline way of presenting your next big project. It's time to shine at a higher level than you have ever imagined before.

Companies are actively searching for individuals who can do both the task at hand and represent their company externally and internally across departments more than ever, and as a result Lady Tina's clients are seeing record-breaking company promotions, closing investors, and corporate hires.

Because they have the right systems in place for speaking about what they're good at, without the bottleneck of presentation mishaps, they are able to speak with charisma and authority at a staggering pace to meet this new demand.

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Lady Tina Leder