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The Most Powerful Virtual Workshop On Verbal Fluency!
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If you want to deep dive into verbal fluency, speak confidently, or you're just plain CURIOUS about learning for an hour and accessing the virtual group workshop recording, join us!

  • Here's What You'll Learn:

  • 3 Tests To Determine Your Verbal Fluency "TYPE"
    *Verbal Fluency = How quickly you can think of the "right" word and say it. Testing your brain and verbal functions.

    There are different types of verbal fluency: phonemic, semantic, and semantic variation. During our quick and fun test in the workshop, you'll have a deeper understanding of what type and level you are at with each, to help you determine which exercise will get you to your results FASTER.

  • 2x Your Word Retrieval Rate

    Results speak for themselves. With this workshop you will have a noticeable increase in recalling words faster than ever before. With proven methods of total recall, this will get easier and easier for you. Eliminating the "hanging" and "ums" that happen when trying to speak.

  • 7 Verbal Fluency Exercises (FAS, Semantic, And MORE)

    We'll go over the 7 different SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN ways to increase your verbal fluency score. My clients with this method have gone from as low as 12 to as high as 40 in the span of 6 weeks. The test we do in the beginning will help determine which exercise will serve you best!

  • 3 Covert Methods To Increase Verbal Fluency

    Indirectly work with your verbal fluency wtih 3 tried and true methods to encourage neuroplasticity and create a more likely fluency state through physical means.



...you will get better.


It trains your brain to think spontaniously.



6 weeks later I'm approaching 40.


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How is this different from your YouTube videos on verbal fluency?

Will you go over tongue twisters or clear speech technique?

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Yes, I Want This Training Workshop + BONUS PDF!

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